Options Day Trading

💸 Initial investment:
$8,000 - $20,000
⏳ Time until profitable:
1 - 365 days
⏱️ Average time investment:
30 - 480 minutes / day
🧰 Prerequisites required:
📍 Location:
🧮 Difficulty:
6 / 10
⚖️ Probability of success:
All above numbers are subjective estimates.
Days passed since started:
Current P/L:

I have challenged myself to generate a side income with somewhat low effort. This is my attempt at it. And while I am still bleeding losses, I am convinced it will turn around at some point, because I am very much aware of all the mistakes I have made so far to get into these losses and all I need to do is to fix them (which is hard, admittedly).

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